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The GranQuartz CNC Hub is your destination for GranQuartz CNC tooling resources. Here, you can learn about our industry-leading CNC tooling program and the key program benefits we’ve built over time that we truly take pride in – our proven brands, our skilled CNC technical team, our unmatched service, and our premier training opportunities.

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Our Partners


The GranQuartz and ZOLLER partnership began in 2016 with the launch of the ZOLLER >>smile<<. This cutting-edge pre-setting machine measures and sets CNC profile tools with unparalleled accuracy, resulting in time savings, reduced costs, and enhanced process reliability.

Aided by the Flash Tool Management System (TMS) software that gives users the ability to track tool usage and location in a centralized destination, the benefits of ZOLLER and GranQuartz are unmatched. The ZOLLER >>smile<< not only offers world-class optical presetting capabilities but also can aid in increasing productivity by up to 50%, embodying the precision and speed that is the signature of the ZOLLER brand.


Manufactured in Italy, ADI has established itself as a renowned and trusted name in diamond tooling by maintaining the utmost level of quality control and innovativeness in the production of its CNC solutions for the stone industry.

With a partnership spanning over 25 years, ADI's collaboration with GranQuartz stands as the undisputed market leader in CNC tooling. Together, these brands have flourished and set the standard for high-quality CNC solutions through their commitment to unparalleled service and support.

Leading Brands

Blick Industries

Blick Industries, the premier manufacturer and supplier of vacuum work holding tools for stone and solid surface fabricating industries, proudly offers high-quality and solution-oriented products at GranQuartz.

With a commitment to personalized customer service and reasonable pricing, Blick's extensive range includes suction cups (vacuum pods), clamps, supports, and holding accessories. Blick Industries provides comprehensive solutions to address even the most challenging of work-holding requirements.

Kremin Inc.

Established in 1983, Kremin, driven by its mission to be the customer-recognized leader in machining solutions, separates itself in the industry through the delivery of exceptional products backed by its industry-leading workforce.

In 2014, GranQuartz introduced Kremin's Advant-Edge high-precision dressing machine that enhances safety, ease, and production efficiency by relocating the tool dressing task from the CNC spindle to the workbench. In 2019, the innovation continued with the Kremin Ad-Vise technology, offering a simple and effective CNC tool removal solution that preserves the tool's integrity and extends its life.

Pro Series

Pro Series® CNC tools are the preferred choice of professionals seeking high performance solutions at competitive prices.

Opt for the highly sought-after Pro Series® toolholder, renowned for its durable and corrosion-resistant finish. Alternatively, consider the Pro Series® Thin Wall Core bit, which boasts a smooth cutting rim and minimal blowout. For those in need of high-speed peripheral cutting performance, the Pro Series® Super Z wheel is an excellent option. Regardless of the application, Pro Series® is the trusted brand among professionals.

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Total Solutions

GranQuartz is your CNC partner for total shop solutions. Whether you’re just starting out on your automation roadmap or you’re expanding and refining your established automated operations, the GranQuartz CNC tooling program is ready and eager to provide you with the brands, technical expertise, and service you need to boost your shop’s efficiency and drive your bottom line.

If you’re ready to experience the GranQuartz CNC difference, schedule a time to discuss your automation goals on a consultation call with one of our CNC technicians.

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GranQuartz/ZOLLER Stone Industry Training Days!
GranQuartz/ZOLLER Stone Industry Training Days!

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