Concrete Polishing & Cutting Tools and Equipment

In recent years, polished concrete has really become a popular no-wax flooring option. Newer technological advancements in concrete polishing tools and techniques have made it possible for contractors to grind new and aged concrete floors to shiny, high-gloss finishes that look great and never require waxing.

For the contractor and DIY-er alike, GranQuartz offers a tremendous selection of concrete polishing and cutting equipment for floors, as well a host of other concrete projects. In addition to carrying a full line of the most-respected brands in the world, GranQuartz also provides free shipping on orders over $250. Our aim is to put the right tools in your hand, and free shipping is just one more way we do that.

For a wide range of concrete polishing & cutting tools and equipment, and so much more, shop GranQuartz today!

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