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Experience the excellence of ADI Profile wheels.

Known for revolutionary design and exceptional performance, ADI tooling sets the industry standard. With a wide range of features, including cutting-edge UHS® technology, ADI wheels offer users the fastest and most long-lasting tooling in the stone industry.

ADI offers an extensive selection of tooling solutions - ensuring maximum flexibility and personalization. With five distinct tooling series and an extensive variety of tooling types, users can tailor their choice to align with their unique requirements.

Featured Benefits

UHS Technology

Introduced in 2007, ADI Profile wheels with UHS technology consistently deliver in high-production environments - helping shops boost productivity, minimize downtime, and decrease costs.

Enhanced by Ultra High Speed (UHS®) technology, the advanced diamond matrix and sintered bond transform CNC production for users by increasing cutting speed, reinforcing profile durability, and expanding the lifespan of the tooling.

Water Channels

ADI wheels are designed to provide uniform distribution of large volumes of cooling water across the tool's surface. By integrating multiple water channels along the tool's perimeter, the tooling maintains an even and consistent flow of water. This design promotes a balanced, cooling effect across the profile, optimizing heat distribution and extending tool life.

ADI wheels have a notable advantage in the industry as their competitor alternatives have fewer or no water channels at all. When a CNC wheel lacks this feature, uneven wear and shorter tool life become more common.

Precision Wheel Balancing

Quality and precision are key features of ADI tooling. During production, each CNC wheel undergoes a precision balancing process, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance. Precision balancing minimizes vibrations, creating a quieter environment, reducing strain on machine spindles, and providing superior polish quality.

Pre-Set Labels

After each ADI profile wheel is manufactured and evaluated to meet production standards, the final product is then measured using ZOLLER technology. Upon measurement, a personalized pre-set label is attached – helping the user significantly decrease initial tooling set-up time. This is a complimentary service ADI offers to enhance the customer experience and save you time.

Hands-Free Profile Series

Traditionally, fabricators have had to smooth out sharp edges in open profile shapes by hand. Doing this process manually increases labor costs, production times, and material handling. To eliminate these issues, ADI introduced the innovative Hands-Free series of profiles, enabling users to bypass manual labor altogether during this process.

By incorporating a small radius or bevel into the profile design, Hands-Free shapes eradicate any risk of sharp edges while maintaining the profile's original aesthetics.

Most Comprehensive Range of Options

ADI offers five distinct series of tooling diameters tailored to your specific needs, complemented by our diverse range of polish options. The MFP5 and the Ninja pre-cutting system are two additional options available to further optimize your tooling performance.

Available in varying shapes and sizes, the MFP5 features a unique hybrid bond technology that drastically reduces visible polish lines and extends the life of a polishing series.

Extend tool life with the innovative Ninja customizable pre-cutting system.Utilizing easily replaceable cutting blades of varying diameters, the Ninja system is infinitely customizable to match any profile.

Profile Wheel Types

UHS Wheels

UHS® Profile wheels combine UHS® diamond bond technology with ADI's water channel design and precision balancing for the most advanced profile tools in the stone industry. Users benefit from faster processing speeds, superior polish quality, and extended tool life.

  • Unmatched production speed while maintaining profile integrity
  • Superior finish, rich color, and high gloss
  • Individual precision balancing for optimal performance
  • Strategically placed water slots for enhanced water delivery
  • Personalized pre-set labels reducing setup time by up to 50%


Express rubber polish wheels are the result of many years of development. Their design features a continuous layer of high-quality resin-bonded abrasive material applied to a rubber core. The core provides the perfect balance of support and flex, allowing the tool to accurately follow the contours of a profile while applying uniform pressure across the shape.

This design eliminates “orange peel” and delivers a high gloss polish with deep, rich color.

  • Most favored amongst fabricators
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Does not require dynamic compensation
  • Rubber Cushion design is forgiving


Magic polish wheels are easy to set up, forgiving, and perfect for operators running compensation programs. Featuring a thick layer of abrasive material, Magic wheels boast a tool life that outlasts conventional rubber wheels without sacrificing performance. They are an excellent option for polishing granite and most engineered stone materials.


The MFP5 Position 5 tool is designed with a cutting-edge hybrid bond to seamlessly bridge the gap between metal shaping and resin polishing wheels. This revolutionary tooling ensures a premium polish while removing visible polish lines. The MFP5 not only enhances the polish but also significantly prolongs the lifespan of the polishing wheels.

  • Ideal for profiles with large flat visible areas that are typically prone to polish lines
  • Available in various shapes and sizes to cater to diverse requirements.
  • Extends the longevity of the polishing sequence by reducing the wear load on resin polishing tools.


The Ninja system employs a series of stacked pre-cutting blades, which eliminate the burden of heavy stock removal, preserving valuable profile wheels. This system is fully customizable, enabling users to tailor a solution that matches any profile or application requirements. The Ninja blades rapidly cut through the toughest materials, and their modular design makes blade replacement simple and cost-effective.

  • Ninja blades are offered in 19 diameter options to match any profile or custom solution
  • The open-segment design enables quick cuts through the toughest materials
  • Replace blades individually or as needed
  • Ninja profile configurations library is conveniently available online to help users select their unique needs

Profile Wheel Series

  • 120 Series / Topline Series

    ADI's 120 Series comprises the largest CNC profile wheels in our collection, boasting a diameter of approximately 120mm (4.75”). This series provides an extensive working surface for extended wheel life. The 120 series accommodates a minimum inside radius of 2.5” due to its larger diameter, featuring a 35mm bore.

  • 80 Series / Fastline Series

    The 80 series profile wheels boast an approximate diameter of 80mm or 3 inches, enabling them to handle inside radii as small as 1 5/8”. These wheels come with a 35mm bore.

  • 40 Series / Twistline Series

    Our 40 series profile wheels feature a diameter of approximately 40mm or 1.5”, making them ideal for sink processing. The smaller diameter enables users to handle an inside radius as compact as 1”. Additionally, the 40 series tools are equipped with a 22mm bore.

  • 20 Series / Micro-line Series

    Our 20 series profile wheels, with a diameter of approximately 20mm or .78” were designed for tight corners such as those found on small radius sinks.Their smaller size allows for handling a radius as small as 5/8”. These tools use a ½” gas connection.

  • Nano Line

    The Nano series caters to intricate tasks like zero-radius sinks, offering precision for sharp angles and tight corners. It minimizes the need for manual touch-ups, featuring three vacuum-brazed positions and express series polishing tools. Nano Line tools use a ½” gas connection.

Other ADI CNC Tooling

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