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CNC Technical Team

At the core of our commitment to providing unparalleled service is the CNC Technical Team. A resource that embodies a wealth of CNC expertise with over 90 years of combined experience. Serving as an invaluable extension to your fabricator team, our experts are dedicated to empowering and building your team’s capabilities by fostering automation growth. Our CNC technicians aim to enhance shop productivity by extending their knowledge, services, and training in tooling, tool maintenance, and operational processes. As the only full-service distributor in the industry, we stand ready to guide and support your business in scaling new heights.

Service Offering

Installation Services

When investing in a ZOLLER 420 Pre-Setter, our dedication to excellence extends beyond the purchase. Upon purchase, a CNC technician is dispatched to your site to facilitate a comprehensive three-day setup, installation, and training session.

Our installation services include hands-on configuration of your ZOLLER, the calibration of tools onsite, and essential training on tool measurement and ZOLLER operation. This meticulous approach guarantees that your investment operates at peak performance from the outset.

Machine Calibration

To maintain the precision and efficiency of your ZOLLER machine, our CNC Technical Team offers machine calibration services. Leveraging years of ZOLLER user data, we conduct a thorough calibration to enhance measurement accuracy, improve output, and ensure optimal performance.

Indicators such as the “Maintenance Due” message in the Pilot software notify users to schedule a service, guaranteeing that your machine receives the necessary attention to sustain its peak performance.

Please note that the fee for onsite calibration and routine maintenance is $875 a day.

Tool Setup

When purchasing a new set of profile wheels, our onsite tool setup service is an excellent option to ensure your new tooling gets up and running quickly and accurately. Our experienced team of technicians will use their extensive knowledge to setup and calibrate tooling to run at peak performance.

This service proves particularly beneficial for shops new to CNC ownership or automation in general. Ensure your return on investment by purchasing a high-quality set of ADI tools and scheduling onsite tool setup service with a GranQuartz technical service professional.

Please note the fee for onsite tool setup is $875 per day.


Post-purchase and installation, our CNC Technical Team stands ready to assist with troubleshooting, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth. A dedicated support line (404)-282-4099 offers direct access to remote support for questions related to setting or measuring tools, adding new tool sets, or addressing ZOLLER-related issues.

Our standby technicians can remotely access your ZOLLER machine to facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics, offering peace of mind and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Additionally, our experts can remotely create CAD profiles, ensuring the proper configuration and eliminating potential issues in the profile creation process.

We pride ourselves in offering ongoing support throughout your automation journey and are committed to being a reliable partner over the lifecycle of your GranQuartz investments.

EDM Service

Our tooling is supported by ADI USA, the largest and most technologically advanced service center for CNC tooling in the stone industry. Featuring an unparalleled investment in eight state-of-the-art EDM machines and advanced ZOLLER measuring equipment, ADI USA reshapes tools to their original factory specifications while also minimizing the removal of working material from the wheels. This approach ensures the longest possible wheel life and the fastest possible turnaround of your tooling rework.

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