Lumocolor Omnicolor Dry Non-Permanent Markers

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Omnichrome Marking Pencil Yellow Box Of 12 Not Permanent
# 105189
Omnichrome Marking Pencil Red Box Of 12 Not Permanent
# 105190
Omnichrome Marking Pencil White Box Of 12 Not Permanent
# 105191

Product Overview

  • Can be wiped off many smooth surfaces such as plastic, metal, lacquer, leather etc.
  • Water-soluble
  • Washes out of most textiles


  • No bleeding through paper
  • For use on almost all surfaces, e.g. glass, leather, textiles, stone, metal, wood and plastic
  • Color-intensive and lightfast
  • Non-corrosive color pigments
  • Ideal tool for users in industry and trade
  • For opaque marking even on dark and transparent surfaces
  • No drying up
  • Odorless