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Cyclone 14” Reinforced Bridge Saw Blade 60/50

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Product Overview

This 14" blade is excellent for cutting granite, engineered stone, marble, and quartzite. The combination of reengineered segments and reinforced hub allows this blade to be used for both straight cuts and miters, making extremely fast and extreme cuts. 


  • Now one blade for straight cuts and miters
  • New reengineered segment gives faster, cleaner and straighter miter cuts
  • New Reinforced core does not flex or lose tension when cutting miters
  • Miter or straight cut clean edges on material ranging from marble to quartzite (Proper dressing is needed when cutting different materials with varying densities)
  • Suggested RPM 1,900
  • Max Feed Rate 21' per minute

Features & Specifications

Diameter 14"
Segment/Rim Height 20mm
Application Bridge Saw
Arbor/Bore 50mm, 60mm
Style Segmented
Material Granite, Engineered Stone, Marble, Quartzite
Diameter 14"
Wet/Dry Use Wet