# 981598

Advant-Edge Dressing Machine

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Specification & Features
• Variable speed drive to allow user to control speed 0-3,000 RPM
• Precision Spindle that promotes precise rotation
• Fits any 40 taper tool holder with a post length up to 120mm
• Fits abrasive tooling up to 5" diameter
• Fits a 40 taper tool holder equipped with an RK1 or RK3 retention knob
    • Gen II Park
    • Gen III Northwood
    • Intermac
    • Brembana
    • Baveloni
***Not currently available for Breton HSK-80***
• Additional 15amp GFCI outlet for plug-in options
• Dampening pads for minimal vibration and noise

Installation Requirements & Recommendations
• Requires installation of a 110V 15 amp Twist lock Receptacle
• Place in a dry and well lit area
• Port attached for Wet/Dry Vac on rear of tool housing
• Dustless Wet/Dry vac available (4714-0002)
• Cart available at additional cost (0806-0573)