Seam Phantom Center Waterfed Elec Package (Excludes PW5001C)

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Product Overview

The SeamPhantom® is an innovative system for producing nearly perfect seams in all types of stone and quartz. The system utilizes a diamond cupwheel followed by up to three (3) diamond abrasive and a precise depth adjustment to eliminate chips and produce a clean sharp edge. When the counter is assembled the result is a nearly invisible seam. Dress flawless seams in 15-20 minutes. The Center Water Feed Electric Seam Phantom® is designed to fit onto the Makita PW5001C polisher. Polisher is sold separately. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Rigid design holds grinder at precise angle
  • Use with a Glide Guide straight edge
  • Produce precisely dressed, chip free edges
  • Used to correct out of square or rough saw cuts on the jobsite

Features & Specifications

Diameter 12"
Tool Type Seaming Tool