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Ameripolish Strip & Clean

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Provides the opportunity to remove Stain Shield without having to use diamond grinders.

Ameripolish® Strip and Clean is a water-based stripping agent specially formulated for the removal of the Ameripolish WB Surface Sealer from polished concrete floors that have received the AmeriPolish dyes.

It is not uncommon for an owner or architect to ask for project changes following the completion of the dye and Ameripolish WB Surface Sealer application, and prior to the formulation of the Ameripolish® Strip and Clean, it was necessary to grind off Stain Shield in order to apply additional dye or dye colors.

Ameripolish® Strip and Clean is provided in ready-to-use 5 gallon containers. Agitate just prior to application. Ameripolish® Strip and Clean will cover approximately 400-600 square feet per gallon per application, depending on number of Stain Shield applications are to be removed.