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Zenesis Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade 12" 25mm Segments 50/60mm

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Product Overview

Quartzite is a unique natural rock made up of interlocking quartz crystals resulting in a remarkably dense and hard rock. To quickly and cleanly cut a material of this quality requires a specialized blade. The superior quartzite cutting performance of the ZENESIS™ Quartzite blade has been verified through independent testing.


  • Unique segment design for fast cutting speeds
  • Patterned diamond matrix for straight chip-free cuts
  • Soft bond for continuous use without dressing
  • 25MM Segments

Features & Specifications

Regent ID 036CU1500
Brand Zenesis
Segment/Rim Height 25mm
Application Bridge Saw
Arbor/Bore 50mm, 60mm
Style Segmented
Material Quartzite
Diameter 12
Wet/Dry Use Wet