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Wood And Stone Acrylic Penetrating Crack Sealer, Quart

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Product Overview

Acrylic Penetrating Crack Sealer products are acrylic based adhesives and fillers designed for use with natural stone, especially granite. They range from clear to translucent in color, fast setting, and easy to apply. Acrylic Penetrating Crack Sealer is a thin liquid that flows like water and is designed to fill fine cracks and reinforce stone. All the formulations are cured using a benzoyl peroxide hardening paste. These formulas are best suited for interior applications on natural or cast stones. They are especially well suited for granite and marble applications. Uses include consolidating or laminating slabs, repairing or patching broken stones, reinforcing fragile material, and filling porous or chipped stones.


  • Great for laminating and repairing stone
  • Fill cracks and reinforce stone

Features & Specifications

Adhesive Type Acrylic
Viscosity Penetrating
Product Size 1 Quart
Interior/Exterior Interior
Color Clear