Weha Filter Sleeve For Dust Collector - TEC733

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Product Overview

Replacement dust filtration sleeves for the Weha dust collector (TEC733). These sleeves are easy to replace Simply loosen the clamp and slide them off. Wash the sleeves as needed. Filters should be changed at least once per year to guarantee maximum suction level. Below is the number of Dry Dust Collector Sleeves required per Dust Collector: 6 Ft (2 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 36 Sleeves 10 Ft (3 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 52 Sleeves 13 Ft (4 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 72 Sleeves Once the dust collector sleeves are worn out they will need to be replaced.


  • Easy to replace dust filtration sleeves
  • Sleeves are washable

Features & Specifications

Brand WEHA
Filtration Sleeve
Equipment Type Dust Filter