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Alpha PVA Polishing Wheel 4" Yellow, 600 Grit, Snail Lock

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Product Overview

Alpha® PVA QC “Quick Change” System is a low speed version of the original PVA MS style and is designed for use on an aluminum snail-lock backer plate specifically developed for low speed polishing tools such as the AWP-158 and the AIR-680. Alpha® PVA QC will work on all of the same applications as the PVA MS style with the same excellence and quality. Marble shops, tile installers or anyone else that already has access to a low speed polishing tool will find that the Alpha® PVA QC system will speed up their productivity. The aluminum backer plate is attached to the polishing tool and each of the pads has a snail lock adapter. The adapter simply fits into place and locks on with a twisting motion. To remove the pads simply untwist and remove, then replace with the next grit. This “Quick Change” process saves time, increases productivity and is an Alpha® exclusive.


  • Best Polishing Solution for Glass Tile, Marble, Limestone and Travertine
  • Ideal for Baseboard, Corner and Countertop Edge Applications
  • “Quick Change” Process Saves Time, Increases Productivity
  • Works Well On Most Common Low Speed Polishing Tools
  • 4” Discs Can Also Be Used for Paint Removal, As The Material Will Not Clog
  • Fast Working, Long Lasting At An Affordable Price
  • Grits Range From Extra Coarse To Extra Fine
  • Polishes Stainless Steel To A Mirror-Like Finish
  • Utilizes a Snail Lock Adapter (SFAT)

Features & Specifications

Connection Type Snail Lock
Diameter 4"
Position/Step/Grit 600

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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