Self Polishing Liquid Varnish


Used to create a polished effect to both smooth and raw materials such as:

Marble, granite, onyx, and agglomerates

Telux forms a hard anti-scratch film on the surface that is extremely durable. It may be used on bothe countertops and floor applications. It is UV stabel and does not yellow over time. It may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Approximate drying time between 30 - 40 minutes at room temperature.

Similar product to Telux, but in spray form is the Tenax Jet Spray Can. Apply to a non-polished surface that was missed during fabrication or too hard to reach to polish. The varnish forms a film or coating on the surface that creates a polished look. Dries completely in 15 minutes. Cannot be walked on.  Great job for site touch-ups.



Tenax Telux Polish

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