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Superior Fusion Transparent White 250 ml Cartridge with 2 Tips

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Product Overview

A unique blend of Premium Vinyl Ester and Modified Acrylic adhesive technology. Increased bonding strength vs. straight vinyl esters providing mechanical and chemical bonding. Perfect for seaming, mitering, laminating and rodding. Use with natural stone, engineered stone, sintered, ultra-compact and other dense material. Fusion's colors are the perfect balance of translucent and opaque coloring for perfect color matching. Smooth, no-drip consistency makes Great for vertical and horizontal applications, has fast gel / fast cure, polishes easily and has a 1-year shelf life in a controlled climate.


  • Fast gel, fast curing, easy to polish
  • Superior bonding strength
  • Excellent shelf stability for 1 year
  • Packaged in cases of six (6) 250ML cartridges
  • Each cartridge includes two (2) tips

Features & Specifications

Adhesive Type Hybrid
Product Size 250 ml
Interior/Exterior Interior
Color White