Zenesis Black 4 Bridge Saw Blade 16" Denver Arbor 90mm 2 DPH

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Product Overview

The ZENESIS™ BLACK 4 blade is built on high-quality, slanted gullet silent cores. Strong cores keep segments cutting true even when mitering, and the slanted gullets draw in more water and push out more swarf/debris resulting in cleaner cuts.


  • Designed to outperform all other bridge saw blades on straight or mitered cuts
  • Cuts granite, engineered stone, and quartzite
  • 25MM Segments

Features & Specifications

Brand Zenesis
Segment/Rim Height 25mm
Application Bridge Saw
Arbor/Bore 90mm
Style Segmented
Material Granite, Engineered Stone, Quartzite
Diameter 16"
Wet/Dry Use Wet