MB Stone Care MB-14 Honing Powder

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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 150 Grit, 1lb Bucket
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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 80 Grit
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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 600 Grit, 1lb Bucket
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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 250 Grit, 1lb Bucket
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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 800 Grit
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MB-14 Stone Honing Powder 400 Grit, 1lb Bucket
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Product Overview

Removing Light Scratches From Your Granite

These PH neutral powders can be used for removal of light surface scratches from natural stones when diamond pads may not be the best option Honing powders are an ideal choice for floors with lippage that are not going to be ground flat, as in a residence where the customer does not want to pay for the full restoration process. 

Applied with a Hogs Hair Pad, honing powders can eliminate the window pane effect you would see when using diamond pads on a floor with lippage, providing an inexpensive solution for this common problem. Do not let the powder become completely dry when using. A somewhat loose mixture is recommended, adding water as you go.


One pound will do approximately  1,000 sq. ft.

Sold in 1 pound increments.

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