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Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner, Quart

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Product Overview

STAIN-PROOF® Daily Floor Cleaner, formerly known as REJUVENATA ACTIVE™, is a powerful, natural active enzyme cleaner concentrate for both heavy duty and light duty (regular) cleaning of all natural stones, tile, grout, brick and other hard surfaces. Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different enzymes for removing general grime and stains caused by grease / oils, mold, food and beverages.


  • Effective for heavy duty cleaning and stain removal (using a higher concentration)
  • Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different, powerful natural active enzymes (similar to those in your gut) that quickly break down oils, grime, food residue, and stains caused by mold
  • Super Concentrate - only 3 to 4 capfuls in a bucket of water required for regular mopping
  • Hyper-biodegradable - decomposes quickly into oxygen and natural minerals

Features & Specifications

Application Cleaner
PH Neutral
Interior/Exterior Interior, Exterior
Product Size 16 oz
Surfaces Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Concrete

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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