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Jet Stik 48" Flaming Tool Kit

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Product Overview

Combining high thermal energy with high velocity kinetic energy, the JET STIK removes material rapidly without overheating, fracturing, or fusing the stone. The JET STIK is ruggedly constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. It is a profitable addition to every stone shop. The JET STIK, with its 5000 feet per second (1500 meters per second) velocity flame, is unsurpassed in giving you the control, speed, and versatility you need when surfacing, carving, and texturing stone. Whether you are working with granite, sandstone, bluestone, dolomitic limestone, or quartzite, the JET STIK will open up a world of new opportunities for you. It is truly the ultimate stoneworking flame tool.


  • Put a non-skid surface on sawn granite
  • Restore steps that have become smooth and slippery with use
  • Carve sculptures
  • Flame edges on thin building panels
  • Thermal finish architectural panels
  • Build stone landscape features and Japanese gardens

Features & Specifications

Tool Type Flaming tool