Extra Thick Diamond Frankfurt Brick 400 Grit Resin

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Product Overview

These frankfurts are designed for use on automatic or radial arm polishing machines, commonly used in granite shops and monument factories. They achieve a high degree of mechanical polish on marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete. Featuring very thick 1 inch resin segments, these bricks are extremely durable and have a longer tool life, in comparison with synthetic resin or magnesite bricks. "Quickchange" style simplifies tooling changes and saves time Frankfurt-bricks. They are available in a full range of grit sizes, from 50 to 8500. They may be also used dry for concrete polishing applications.


  • Extremely durable
  • Long working life

Features & Specifications

Regent ID 052RP0404
Material Granite, Marble, Quartz
Position/Step/Grit 400
Connection Type Frankfurt
Bond Type Resin