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Brace Setter 1/4"

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Brace Setter 1/4"

This patent-pending Brace Setter is a high-performance router that connects to 5/8 x 11 angle grinder that will cut a groove 2 9/16” wide by ¼” or 3/16” deep.

The router attachment cuts a precise groove in record-breaking time with two cutting blades.

Our brace setter is preset which requires no guesswork (width and depth), making it very measurement friendly. With just a simple cut, your work is done with our Brace Setter.

Brace Setter

Our Brace Setter works seamlessly with the I-Brace floating countertop support system to set a perfect groove every time, eliminating the need for hammers, chisels and power saws with multiple cuts.

The Brace Setter is measurement friendly. There is no thinking involved. Everything is pre-set within the unit itself. Say you have a crew that’s not as skilled as you would like them to be. You hand them the Brace Setter, and it does the job for them.