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Pearl P5 Thin Mesh Turbo Blade 4" 5/8"-20mm-7/8" Arbor

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Product Overview

Pearl's P5™ Thin Mesh Turbo is the industry’s premier thin turbo blade. Utilizing a special ribbed inner core, the P5™ provides excellent stability, preventing flexing and delivering straighter cuts.  This core design also improves airflow, which removes debris faster and keeps the blade running cool.   The diamond matrix and thin kerf design of the P5™ were designed to cut hard and dense materials fast and with minimal chipping.  Perfect for Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone materials.



  • Super-fast cutting with minimal chipping
  • Ribbed inner core prevents flexing and keeps the blade cooler
  • Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials
  • 10mm Diamond rim
  • Wet or dry cutting (10” is Wet only)

Features & Specifications

Diameter 4"
Wet/Dry Use Wet/Dry
Material Porcelain, Ceramic, Natural Stone
Style Thin Mesh Turbo
Arbor/Bore 5/8", 20mm, 7/8"
Application Hand Saw
Segment/Rim Height 10mm

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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