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Nemo Grabo Pro 20 With Digital Display and Pressure Sensor

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Product Overview

The GRABO Pro-20 was designed for professional users, it is ergonomically designed to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects.  The Pro-Lifter is equipped with a smart digital pressure sensor. This makes it even more effective on different surfaces. With a simple press of a button the lifting function is automatically activated and regulated. The sensor automatically provides for the optimum level of suction, keeping objects in complete control whether the object is being lifted or even during movement.

GRABO Pro is equipped with a robust vacuum pump. The foam rubber vacuum seal on the GRABO Pro tool is strong and resistant to loss of vacuum pressure. Once the pressure pump is activated, it creates a strong suction and firmly attaches to any non-porous flat surface. The suction is strong enough to hold firm even loads as heavy as 375 lbs.  The GRABO Pro is equally effective on smooth as well as coarse surfaces. The tool works perfectly with glass, stone, ceramic tiles, metals and other materials.  

The Grabo Pro 20 kit includes: rechargeable battery, multi-socket charger, and carrying case




  • Strong suction is automatically maintained for more confidence when lifting
  • Easy to read digital display clearly shows the pressure being applied
  • Smart digital pressure sensor monitors vacuum and turns pump on or off
  • Ergonomic design with pump and battery contained in the handle
  • Easy to use seal release button 

Features & Specifications

Equipment Type Battery Powered
Weight Capacity 375lbs
Special Features Digital Vacuum Sensor

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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