Cyclone Super Turbo Blade 7" 7/8" x 20mm x 5/8"

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Product Overview

The Super Cyclone Blade from Diamax is a premium blade designed to provide optimum cutting in even the hardest granites.  With a thicker core and a new segment design, this blade will provide unparalleled performance throughout its life.


  • With a taller 9.5 mm segment and thicker core, this blade cuts with a solid heavy-duty feel
  • Contains the highest grade of Super-abrasive diamonds
  • Max RPM 8,730

Features & Specifications

Regent ID 034CU21150000000
Segment/Rim Height 9.5mm
Application Hand Saw
Arbor/Bore 7/8" x 20mm x 5/8"
Style Turbo Rim
Material Granite, Engineered Stone
Diameter 7"
Wet/Dry Use Wet/Dry