ADI UHS Profile B30 3cm 40 Series CNC Profile Wheels R=30mm

Product Name

ADI UHS 40 Series Profile Wheels B30 22mm Bore Position 2
# 929964
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ADI Magic 40 Series Profile Wheels B30 22mm Bore Position 5
# 953816
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ADI Magic 40 Series Profile Wheels B30 22mm Bore Position 6
# 953817
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Product Overview

The best performance and value for high volume production

Excellent polish quality, the fastest feed rates and the longest tool life in the stone industry. UHS® tooling is the best choice for high volume production shops and anyone who understands an investment in UHS® tooling pays dividends in the form of the lowest cost per linear meter and the finish quality of the job.

  • For granite or engineered stone applications
  • Customized pre-set labels on each wheel
  • Precision balanced
  • Full channel water design
  • More water distribution points
  • Lowest cost per linear meter in the industry
  • ADI® certified reshaping service available

Magic profile wheels are the latest innovation in resin bonded CNC polishing wheels, perfect for operators utilizing compensation programs.

In addition to longer tool life and high quality polishing, ADI's Magic wheels are perfectly suited for fabricating granite and most engineered stone surfaces, unlike other brands of comparatively designed resin bonded wheels.

Express rubber wheels are long-lasting and produce the best polish of any rubber wheels we have seen. The continuous outer layer of diamond abrasive flexes around the tools core and the work piece providing a snug fit with just the right amount of pressure that eliminates signs of

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov