Sink Brackets: Sinkit Sink Clamps

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Makita Variable Speed Hammer Drill 5/8" HP1640 6 amp 0-2800 rpm
# 116722
Inland Non Coring Drill, 1/4", 5/8"-11
# 445346
Sinkit Depth Gauge Clamp
# 102012
Inland Non Coring Drill, 6.4 mm, 1/2 Gas
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Sinkits Undermount Sink Clip Bulk Box Of 350
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Product Overview

There is no other way to undermount sinks that match the combination of speed, strength, versatility and ease of Sinkits sink clamps! They will work on all sinks with rims up to 7/8" thick


Determine the number of Sinkits required. Mark the locations to be drilled approximately ¾” – 7/8” from sink rim. Drill .25” diameter holes a minimum depth of ½”, a depth of ¾” is preferred when possible. Be sure angle of hole is not leaning away from sink, drill hole straight or slightly lean toward sink.

Bend tab away from clamp body (this will preload the clamp to enable it to stay inserted unit tightened), insert clamp fully into hole, making sure clamp post bottoms out in the hole or clamp body rest against sink rim. Tighten clamp against sink rim. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Core Bits

The core bits found in this package are designed specifically for the Sinkit’s sink bracket system. These core bits perform better, faster and last longer than current bits on the market used with the Sinkit’s system. 38CB0882 1/2" Gas core bit parameters: 4,000 RPM and 1" per minute.

Tech Tip

At first, you might expect the Sinkit would need to seat close to or against the stone when inserted. I understand why people might think that, but it is not necessary for the Sinkit to seat against the stone. They are designed to work even if they protrude 9/16" of an inch from the stone, as long as the bolt is inserted a minimum of a 1/2" into the hole.

Health & Safety Information

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov