# 115248

Makita GA5042C 5" Variable Speed Grinder, 2,800-11,000RPM, 12AMP


MORE Features and LESS Vibration!
SJS™ II Technology is a 2-part mechanical gear and drive system designed to provide increased durability and user comfort. Makita’s new GA4542C (4.5”) and GA5042C (5”) feature variable speed motors (2,800-11,000 RPM) with electronic current limiter, constant speed control and soft start. Makita’s SJS II grinders are built with many new features, the primary benefits being increased damage protection to motor and significantly less vibration.

Features Include:

  • SJS II (Super Joint System II) reduces vibration and prevents kickback during wheel lock up for optimal tool and operator protection
  • Electronic current limiter helps protects the motor from overload in high torque applications
  • Soft start feature suppresses start-up reaction for smooth start-ups and longer gear life
  • Constant speed control maintains constant speed under heavy load
  • Re-Designed gear housing for enhanced shaft lock durability
  • Labyrinth construction features a complex series of channels to prevent penetration of dust and debris into the field and armature for longer tool life
  • Leaf spring and cam gear drive provide dampening force when the wheel is forced to stop for reduced vibration
  • Motor winding protection features “zig-zag” varnish on the armature and hardened powder on the field coils to protect the armature coil from dust and debris for longer tool life
  • Removable side handle can be mounted on left or right side of tool
  • Slim housing design for easy handling and maneuverability
  • ”Rotatable” gear housing can be positioned at every 90º for optimal positioning

ID#: 1909-0214