# 116699

FLEX L 12-3 100, 5" Single Speed Wet Polisher

  • New Water Feed - water feed and flow contro lare fitted under the motor housing.
  • New Water Connection - brass connection is at the end of a flexible 6-1/2 foot hose.
  • New Electronics - with soft start, overload protection.

LE 12-3 100 WET has a brass quick fit connector for easy connection to a 1/2" water hose. Extra powerful 9.3 amp motor with high torque for superior applications. Three jet nozzle can be removed to give one central waterjet.

  • 5" Max. disc diameter
  • 3,700 RPM, 9.3 AMP, 5.3 lbs., without load Power input Weight


  • Dust protected switch increases functional reliability and longevity.
  • GFCI - Cable safety switch is integrated in the cable for safe working.
  • Bail handle for a firm grip even when working vertically.
  • Powder coated magnetic field protects against abrasive dust and rust.

ID#: 3905-0037