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Flex CS40 5" Wet Saw

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Product Overview

The Flex CS40 is a powerful wet cutting saw that is ideal for natural stone, tile, and glass. Equipped with a high quality water feed system, the CS40 knocks out the dust and keeps blades running cool.


  • Made for use in the stone, tile and glass industries
  • Tough and powerful 12AMP motor makes it possible for the saw to cut through the hardest materials
  • Includes a side handle for more stability
  • Built-in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
  • Use with straight or curved blades

Features & Specifications

Regent ID 027TL1010
Brand FLEX
Equipment Included (1) Water Hose; (1) Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI); (1) Water Pressure Regulator Valve; (1) Spindle Wrench; (1) Lock Nut Wrench; (1) 20mm Blade bushing Adapter Ring; (1) Contour Blade Adapter; (1) Contour Blade Adapter Longer Bolt;
Electric/Pneumatic Electric
Vacuum System No
Weight 9lbs
Motor 12AMP
Maximum Blade Diameter 5"
Equipment Type Hand Held
Water Fed Yes