# 110067

Ameripolish Penetrating Agent Plus, 30oz.

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The Enhancer Pro™ Penetrating Agent Plus has been formulated to increase your options of adding color to polished concrete. The manner in which the AMERIPOLISH solvent-based dyes penetrate the concrete is through the use of acetone as the carrying agent. Acetone’s benefi ts are its ability to take the dyes completely into solution, and to then drive them into the concrete surface as the acetone “fl ashes”. Due to the tight structure of polished and densified concrete, in addition to the constraints of hot weather, the dyes do not always have enough time to penetrate the surface before the acetone fl ashes. With the addition of the PENETRATING AGENT, the acetone fl ash is delayed from 7-8 seconds, to 30+ seconds.

This generally provides the necessary window of time for the dyes to penetrate. Additionally the Penetrating Agent, in many cases, will provide the opportunity to add color to fl oors which have already been densified and polished. AMERIPOLISH recommends the use of Penetrating Agent on all fl oors, EXCEPT very porous fl oors, or when the dye is being applied over a stencil (The extended time that the acetone is in contact with the stencil could cause adhesive release and dye bleed).

  • Extends the drying time of AMERIPOLISH solvent-based dyes
  • Extremely easy to use - add 4 oz. to a pre-mixed gallon of dye
  • Can be applied to most cementitious surface
  • Packaged in 20 oz. bottles that can be shipped by ground or air