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Surface Pro Buffing Pads 20" Natural Fiber

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Product Overview

Surface Pro buffing pads are used for maintaining a wide variety of floors. The colors correspond to their use. Available in a wide range of sizes for any application: Natural fiber / Hog hair pads are an aggressive floor buffing / burnishing pad primarily used to polish and restore floor finishes that are badly scuffed or scratched. Red: For light cleaning and buffing. Removes light dirt and scuffs while producing a high gloss shine. White: Extra fine pad for polishing. Great for marble. Black: Designed for heavy duty stripping. Removes wax, dirt, and old finishes. Tan: for light cleaning and dry buffing. Removes scuffs and black heel marks while producing a high gloss shine.


  • Professional grade performance
  • Packed 5 per box

Features & Specifications

Packaging Box of 5
Diameter 20"
Wet/Dry Use Wet/Dry