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Alpha Twistouch Backup Head 3", QRS

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Product Overview

Fabricators, monumentalists and restoration workers will love the results they obtain by using Alpha® Twistouch Turbo.

These 3" diameter rigid discs are ideally suited for flat applications, eliminiating the wavy finish common with flexible discs. Applications such as straight edge polishing, scratch removal, floors (near walls, corners and staircases), checks and washes on monuments, chamfered edges and drain boards can be done with ease using Alpha® Twistouch Turbo.

The advanced "twist and lock" design gives the user better control during polishing, which allows for less operator fatigue and better end results.

Grits are easily changed thus increasing production capability. Used as a wet polishing system, Alpha® Twistouch Turbo is a welcomed improvement for flat granite polishing applications.


  • Discs designed for use with Alpha® Twistouch adaptor
  • 3" diameter

Features & Specifications

Regent ID 050EP36000000000
Diameter 3"
Style Twistouch