Pro Series UCS Blade 6" Full Face Flush Mount 5/8-11

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Product Overview

The Pro Series UCS blade is unlike any blade in the market. With a thin kerf, special matrix, diamond grit size, and electroplating on the cutting side of the rim, the Pro Series UCS is a truly universal cutting blade. Testing has shown it will work great on UCS material, Dekton™, quartzite, granite, and engineered stone.


  • Available in standard quad or full face flush mount for finish cutting
  • For UCS,quartzite, Dekton™, granite, engineered stone surfaces and other hard materials
  • Wet or dry cutting

Features & Specifications

Application Hand Saw
Arbor/Bore 5/8"-11
Style Electroplated
Material Porcelain, UCS
Diameter 6
Wet/Dry Use Wet/Dry