Great for moving slabs from storage pin racks or A frames to work stations in the shop.

The Achilli Tilting Stone Slab Transport Carts has multiple height adjustments from 25" to 38" for loading saws, cnc machines, work tables, work Benches, etc. With a table size of 48' x 77", full slabs can easily and safely be loaded and transported.

The Achilli Tilting Stone Slab Transport Carts has rollers that allow easy unloading of full slabs. Simply Roll the Granite or stone slab from the Achilli cart onto the work area. The Achilli Stone Slab Cart operates off of a battery and is hydraulically powered. The battery on the Achilli Slab cart is rechargeable.


  • Motorized and battery-powered, hydraulically operated system for the lifting and positioning of slabs 
  • Worktop adjustable in height from 25" to 38" mm to satisfy any working requirements
  • Worktop 48" x 77" in size fitted with hard wearing plastic wheels for easy loading and off-loading of slabs, especially good when handling delicate materials • Electronic battery charger included • Loading capacity: 1,102 lb
  • Telescopic panel to facilitate controls reach
  • Adjustable work top by control levers Additional Features: Epoxy Powder painting Easy loading of slabs thanks to the almost vertical "Tilting" motion of the worktop 4 rubber wheels: 2 fixed and 2 pivoting.This enables free movement of the cart on all terrain
  • Telescopic panel to make the controls easier to use during slab transport and movement
  • Electric battery charger is included. 


  • Table size: 48 inches x 77 inches
  • Height adjustable: 25 inches to 38 inches
  • Capacity: 1,102 lbs.

The Achilli Slab Cart comes in 2 models: 

  • Achilli SC500 PC. This model comes with the Pendant Control
  • Achilli SC500 LC. Comes with a retractable lever control panel.

Weha Achilli SC500 LC Tilting Slab Transport Cart

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