# 101221

StoneTech Professional Stone Polish 24oz Spray Bottle


An easy-to-use spray polish designed to give natural stone a brilliant shine without leaving a greasy film.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast Drying
  • Fresh Scent
  • Leaves a Brilliant Shine
  • Safe for Food Contact Surfaces
  • Great for Kitchens and Vanities
    Features + Benefits
  • Adds quick, brilliant shine to polished stone
  • No greasy film
  • New: Easy to use formula
  • Great for kitchen countertops & bathroom vanities

Where to Use Polished natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone & travertine. Not for use on floors. May create slipping hazard. Directions Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine that the desired results will be achieved. Make sure surface is clean, dry and free of waxes and coatings.

  1. Turn nozzle to "spray."
  2. Spray a light coat over the entire surface.
  3. Spread the polish evenly. Leave evenly wet. Do not leave streaky.
  4. Allow polish to dry completely, about 3-5 minutes.
  5. Buff off dried polish using a clean, white terry cloth towel.
  6. Continue buffing until high shine appears

Available Sizes (and Coverage) 24 oz. Spray

ID#: 0706-0034