# 114903

Micron Prefilter Bag 2-pk for Dustless Vacuum


Disposable, tear-resistant WunderBag™ Micro-Prefilter can hold 40lbs of dust and debris for easy clean-up and continued vacuuming. The Micro-Mesh material retains strength when wet and is breathable, keeping suction strong. A 5-ply filtration design captures extremely fine dust and slurry for the toughest job and exceeds EPA hazardous material removal standards when used with Dustless HEPA Vacs. By capturing the invisible dust your eye can't see, the WunderBag keeps debris where it belongs, in the bag and out of your Dustless Wet/Dry and Dustless HEPA Vac filtration system prolonging vacuum life. When the filter is full, an easy peel-and-stick label seals the WunderBag opening preventing debris from escaping and keeps air clean.

  • Disposable and tear resistant for easy clean-up
  • Hold 40lbs of dust and debris for continued vacuuming
  • Micro-Mesh material retains strength