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Product Overview

TAG 150

The TAG 150 Bridge Saw features high quality construction and is made in Italy. using the finest materials. It comes with a strong 220 V single phase 3 HP motor that easily cuts sheet materials. This portable stone saw offers a water tank reservoir with recycling pump that feeds water from the saw back up through the blade housing. Then the water is channeled to the diamond blade from both sides. Hence the blade runs at a super cool temperature. Height adjustment is performed by the manual hand crank on this high quality portable stone saw. So, the operator can cut materials of various thicknesses. Additionally, fabricators perform plunge cuts and step cutting with he height adjustment feature as well. The TAG stone and tile wet saws tilt with the entire beam to guarantee accuracy of miter cutting and offer a soft on/off button next to the blade.


  • Useful Cut- 59"
  • Blade Diameter 10-14"
  • Bore Size 1"
  • Motor 3HP
  • RPM 3,400
  • 230V 1 PH

Standard Features

  • The worktable is made of galvanized steel rails. Additionally, it features a transportation handle and adjustable squaring bar
  • Double rhomboid beam. So the saw offers high resistance and precision
  • The water tray and recycling pump are self-contained. Hence the saw is fully portable
  • Tilting Bridge – Tile and stone pros can make cuts from 90° to 45° because of the bridge tilt feature on this saw.
  • The water tray and recycling pump are self-contained. Hence the saw is fully portable
  • Folding legs provide easy transportation; making its portability easier

Optional Features

  • Extension Table
  • Extension Table with rollers

Features & Specifications